A failed sensor and a frozen pipe

At times, KNOM staff and volunteers face a variety of challenges. Last week brought engineering, computer, and plumbing difficulties, but with the help of professionals and an energetic staff, each problem was identified, and, when possible, solved.

Among our glitches was a malfunctioning temperature sensor at our studio building. The sensor is designed to feed live temperature data to our on-air deejays, so that we can announce local weather conditions as they change. After a visual inspection and a reboot of the computer attached to the sensor, our temperature readings are now accurate and back to normal.

As our repaired temperature sensor will attest, Nome’s temperatures are now consistently falling below the freezing point, and last week this caused a problem: the main water lines leading into the KNOM studio building froze. The water slowed to a trickle, then stopped! Every time there is a plumbing problem, however, our favorite plumbers stop what they are doing (this time it was an installation of a heating system) and come to our aid. The frozen pipe was thawed, and once again, the water is flowing.

We thank all who help to keep the heat and lights on (and all the other utilities working properly!). We so appreciate all they do for us.