“I am glad we are able to help in some small way…”

Thank-you letter

We’re so gratified to exchange correspondence with the people who support our mission.

From time to time, we share a short story that touches us. Here is a portion of a response to a donation thank-you from a KNOM listener. She writes:

While we are not Catholic, KNOM has been our preferred radio station for years, and we do appreciate your prayers. These last few months and the upcoming ones, we may need them especially: it has been/will likely continue to be a trying time for our family.

We count a number of you “old-timers” as friends, and sometimes I listen to the nighttime Rosary, etc. I am glad we are able to help in some small way to keep you on the air, and I enjoy reading the monthly updates we receive in the mail.

Our thanks to all who make KNOM possible. Together, we make a world of difference!