Summer challenges: weather broadcasts and telephone lines

CloudsRural Alaska’s brief summer brings more than its share of unique challenges, many of which we can anticipate. Every year, nonetheless, unexpected emergencies find a way of catching us by surprise.

This summer, our friends at the National Weather Service are working with KNOM to overcome their latest difficulties. Normally, weather reports air on both a special National Weather Service radio channel and on KNOM. Recently, however, the Weather Service’s radio channel has fallen into disrepair.

Until a repairman can be flown to Nome, KNOM’s role as a primary source of critical weather information will be even greater.

Even more recently, Nome’s communication systems faced yet another challenge: a cut phone line led to citywide telephone outages across Nome. While maintenance crews worked to restore phone service, KNOM became a clearing house for messages from area authorities to our listeners. Public safety officials worked closely with KNOM to keep the public informed of the latest developments.

We thank everyone who makes possible these great working relationships with service-oriented agencies and organizations.