Rain, fish, boats, and Rolland!


KNOM engineer Rolland Trowbridge performs maintenance checks on our backup power generator.

Summer storms continue to dump lots of rain, and some streams and rivers are swollen with water and fish. We have seen wonderful examples of folks sharing their catch with elders and families who really savor these fresh food staples.

Recently, KNOM opened its doors to the Coast Guard to inform our listeners about voluntary inspections of boats and other craft intended to help ensure public safety throughout Western Alaska’s waterways. You can be proud of the caliber and caring nature of these young men and women. They are committed to keeping us safe.

Super volunteer engineer Rolland Trowbridge continues to save our mission time and resources. He just got back from a well-deserved vacation with his family. He wasted no time in replacing the fan on our satellite receiver, fixing headphones, and documenting equipment upgrades. Our sincere thanks to Rolland and to everyone who makes KNOM possible.