DCC update: even more savings!

Chuck, Les, and Rolland install DCC

Chuck Lakaytis, Les Brown, and Rolland Trowbridge (left to right) in the midst of installing the power management system known as dynamic carrier control at KNOM’s AM transmitter.

We so appreciate everyone’s support for KNOM and for our efforts to trim energy costs.

With the cost of gasoline at almost $6 per gallon here in bush Alaska, you can understand why we are looking high and low for ways to save.

As you may remember, at the end of April, volunteer engineer Les Brown, long-time Alaska radio engineer Chuck Lakaytis, and maintenance specialist Rolland Trowbridge installed dynamic carrier control equipment in our AM transmitter (see photo).

Our first electricity bill after this installation showed that we had lowered power use at the AM transmitter site by 25.6 percent. Now, our second bill shows even better results: power use is down 30.2%! Thank you for helping us to reduce our operating expenses. We continue to study other ways to economize.