Warmer weather and a transmitter update

Les works at the AM transmitter site

Volunteer engineer Les Brown reviews technical information while helping to install dynamic carrier control at the KNOM AM transmitter.

The temperatures have risen to almost 70 degrees! We are blessed with warmer temperatures and, at times, sunshine.

We have great news. At the end of April, volunteer engineer Les Brown, longtime Alaska radio engineer Chuck Lakaytis, and maintenance specialist Rolland Trowbridge installed dynamic carrier control equipment at our AM transmitter site.

(Dynamic carrier control, or DCC, is a system of power management that automatically varies the amount of electricity being used by the transmitter depending on the volume of the music or other content being broadcast.) This new equipment is already having a substantial impact; in our first electricity bill after the DCC installation, our costs are down by 25.6 percent! The expense of the new equipment should be recovered in about five months, and we will continue to study other ways to economize.

Building plans are nearly complete for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studio conversion project at KNOM. Fundraising for the project has topped $300,000. We encourage you to learn about our studio renovations in depth.