Hooper Bay Charter School Is Open, Emphasizes Yup’ik Culture

Small Alaska village on a cloudy summer day, with waterfront and fishing boats in foreground

A new charter school opened in Hooper Bay this fall, serving children in grades 4 through 8. The curriculum centers around scientific topics or concepts found locally in Hooper Bay. Principal Jamie Wollman believes this will empower her students to recognize the connection between education and traditional Alaska Native culture. “The biggest thing is that…

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Next Level Recycling

Notice of building move today at 4pm: Q Trucking Company will be moving a 26’ wide single-story home… Due to its significant size, we ask that you yield to the pilot cars and the load itself should you come upon us during our travels, and move off the roadway until it is safe to pass.…

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Village Locks Down as Virus Moves Through Region

With more than thirty people testing positive for COVID-19 in Gambell, and nearly 100 active cases in the region, residents have made major adjustments. At the grocery store, which serves the entire community of 700, the phone line is constantly busy. Residents are asked to form a line, while standing six feet apart, and wait…

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Dear Friend… (November 2020)

KNOM is in it for the long haul. The mission’s deep roots and long-term presence in Western Alaska empower growth. For listeners, KNOM is a place for local voices to be heard. Daily newscasts and live programming from important statewide events, such as the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention, connects rural residents to a wider…

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Restorative Remarks: An Elder’s Path to Healing

Sunset over Nome beach

“When I climbed down into that valley, my instinct told me I had to make sure there was a way to climb back out. I knew I needed some lifelines… I thought about the lifelines that were there for me… In the stormiest times of my journey, their presence had confirmed for me there’s an…

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Profile: High School Teacher to Mentor Young Scientists

Nome Beltz High School "den of the mighty nanooks"

Dr. Anthony Husemann, a Nome science teacher, was recently awarded funds for students to conduct independent research projects for national science fairs and competitions. The prestigious grant is only awarded to 66 teachers nation-wide. Among other things, the funds cover lab kits students can use whether at school or learning at home. Previous student projects…

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Sportscasting: Nome Volleyball Seniors On the Court

“The alumni team have a one-point lead here; Senora Ahmasuk is serving… Nice jump serve! That was going in the back corner. Claire Hansen gets it over too, Senora sets it up for the alumni, Carrie is rolling it over to Megan who is going to just tip it over the net, and that’s enough…

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New Faces, New Duties

Despite a later start to the year and quarantine restrictions, the 2020-21 volunteer cohort is off and running. They are joined by a new General Manager, Tony Calumet. He comes to Western Alaska from Iowa, where he was the Executive Director of Iowa Catholic Radio. You can read more about Tony in his bio, found…

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Tom Busch: Radio Visionary

November 1, 2020, was the 10th anniversary of the passing of KNOM legend Tom Busch. General manager of KNOM for nearly three decades, Tom was a warm voice on a cold day and a bright presence on the air during the darkest months. He loved Western Alaska. Because of Tom’s dedication, his influence lives on…

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